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PRODUCT - SLIFT (Secure Lightweight Information & File Transfer)

SLIFT, which stands for Secure Lightweight Information and File Transfer, is one of PrivyLink’s flagship products. It comprises a comprehensive suite of application software for securing data and files against unauthorized access. SLIFT is used by individuals, application developers, companies and government departments for securely exchanging documents via email, FTP and HTTP.

     Comprehensive solutions for a variety of deployment scenarios

     End-to-end security

     Support multiple signers and recipients

      Multi-factor authentication.


o         Peer-to-peer solution

o         Easy to use

o         Protect private information on hard disks and files in transit (email, FTP, HTTP)

o         Seamless integration with MS Outlook

  SLIFT- Pro

o         Client-server model

o         Secure file repository

o         Certificate and key based authentication system

o         Feature-rich server administration

      SLIFT-Ez Classic & SLIFT-Pro Classic

o         command-line interface for easy integration with third-party application programs


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